The Afterglow of Regret

The Afterglow of Regret

In the afterglow of regret,

my pain is exposed,

and I am vulnerable

and unstable.

For I am a criminal

guilty of many mistakes,

gambling my life as stakes.

Throwing away the seeds of dreams and passion

for a shade of misery and depression.

All that I could have achieved

is all that I couldn’t achieve.

And the pangs in my heart every now and then

is worse than a painful death.

My life a blunt, rusted sword

Snatched away from it’s sheath.

A sheath so beautiful and warm,

like a fire on a winter’s night.

But now the sword lies cold and forgotten.

A victim of a scheme so rotten

it makes the young old, and the old disappear

from the hearts and minds of mankind.

In the dark depths a plan of some kind

Is hatched, and plots against those who dare to dream,

those who dare to break the shackles of tedium, are made.

And it has all been said.

But my ears have played tricks on my mind

and made it hear what was to be heard.

My senses are numb and my mind is left all alone.

And even if I was shown

a path to everlasting beauty and undying happiness,

I would still follow the atrocities

committed by my tainted soul

that stole, my beautiful and warm sheath

and left me alone in the afterglow of my regret.

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