A Wish

A Wish

I do not wish to float; I want to sink

and see that world underneath of beautiful people

Small and large, beautiful and ugly;

scary and kind, I wish to swim with the fleet

And discover the magic land that hides beneath my tiny feet.

I wish to see myself be a part of them.

Them, yes! Those creatures that swim underneath

the vast sea of ignorance and false belief;

those that dare to sink rather than stay afloat

And imagine what is underneath.

What do I have to lose? Life?

Let me find it first and then we can talk about losing.

Have you ever seen the world beneath your small feet?

Well let me tell you, it’s beyond anything you have ever seen.

And as I listen to all your gloat and drink

the poison of your desire;

I wish,

that I might not float but sink.

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