There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch

Robert Heinlein, ‘The moon is a harsh mistress’

Something happened to him in his mid-20s. He raised questions like most men his age do, when lying on the bed besides their partner later at night. What is religion? Why do I need it? Why do we need a god? What is his/her function? Such questions boggled him, and his mind plunged into the depths of philosophical discourse from where he had trouble resurfacing. 

from ‘A Durg Pujo in Mangalore’

It is tough to place this book in any one strict category/genre. Seven Sundays is about so many things, a fable hiding inside the story of a man’s personal and professional struggles- this scheme of a story within a story is tough to execute but Shouvik has managed to do it. This alone shows that the author has mettle.

New Asian Writing

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