• Words
    For a moment lost in translation, the heart becomes desolate and meaningless words struggle to make an impression. The words that fall into empty spaces between you and I are as empty as my courage and your suitcases. But they crawl back into my mouth letter by letter, covered in filth, and looking uncouth. And … Continue reading Words
  • Once
    Once, we were lovers lost in the maze of crumpled bedsheets, new wine, and old books; discovering each other’s body like two mice in an infinite maze. Once, I remember we ran as if the wind was at our heels; dodging the corpses scattered on the streets like addicts after a rave party. Once, we … Continue reading Once
  • Writer’s Block is a blasted lie!
    From John Steinbeck and Toni Morrison to Rumaan Alam and Nora Ephron, from old to new, famous writers and authors have not only trashed the idea of writer’s block but they have also called it fiction, a question that hasn’t been solved yet and a concept that is most definitely a lie.

It’s hard for me to put my finger on the exact moment in my life when I wanted to become a writer. In fact, I never had any plans to become one. But as Paulo Coelho puts it in The Alchemist, Maktub, so it was meant to be in my life too. Read more

Written in an unconventional format of a fable within a narrative, the book takes an explorative journey into the nature of failure and why we need to identify and embrace it. Read more

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