Found a little toy called heart

Found it broken, torn and ripped apart

Found it lying on the street

Trampled on by the hundreds of feet

Found a little thing called hope

Found it dangling from the bridge by a rope

Finding love wasn’t all that hard

But what was it doing in the firing squad?

Found an old box with a key

Opened it up and out came me

Scared and shocked I looked around

Tried to talk but could make no sound

Darkness stole the light from my eyes

Now there’s light but it’s not nice

Leave me alone in the box

And find another that unlocks.

Found a thing called happiness

In shame and rue it hid its face

And in a broken house called reality

Ghosts of my past they haunted me

Found a cloth called loneliness

I put it on and I liked the dress

Now I wear it everyday

And in lonely disguise I hide away.

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