Under a Moonlit Sky

Under a Moonlit Sky

Under a moonlit sky,

My lady sat and wept

While her world was in turmoil,

Ours soundly slept.

She sat and she cried

While she thought of all the lies,

Her face buried in her hands

As tears streamed from her eyes.



She remembered the days

When her lips touched her ear

But now they stay in place

Sealed with grief and fear.

Sometimes in the moonlight

Her scars can be clearly seen

But in broad daylight

Her scars are where her beauty should have been.



The day when he used his hands,

Not to caress but to strike

Was the day my lady realized

That she and a beast were alike.

Stripped of all pride and modesty

Her pain and agony reached nobody,

Cold and naked she clung to the ground

With Only darkness wrapped around her body.



The light it gave fake promises

While the dark told true lies,

At daytime the monster howls

While at night my lady cries.

She told herself a million times

“One day it will all change”

“One day love will replace abhor”

But expectation often gives us thorns

When roses is what we are expecting for.



And on this beautiful starry night

While outside in peace people slept

Inside under this moonlit sky

My lady sat and wept.

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