Once, we were lovers,

lost in the maze of crumpled bedsheets,

discovering each other’s body

like two mice in an infinite maze.

Once, we scurried across the Earth,

as if the wind chased us,

dodging bodies scattered on the streets;

casualties of a mundane war.

Once, we chortled,

like two teenagers tripping on acid,

our laughter going up like balloons

until it poked the clouds.

Once, we cried,

and all that was left was silence – cold and dark.

Once, we died quietly,

underneath the weight of duty.

The only thing that mattered then

was survival.

Once, we acted like children,

playing little games and acting big.

But the world was always bigger

and played bigger games with us.

Once, we were dreamers.

On ordinary skies we built ornate palaces,

until the clouds drifted across and

carried away our dreams.

Once, when we were lovers, life felt like life and nothing else.

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