Childhood Lost

Childhood Lost

A man of great fortune and fame I am

And friends I have many

Yet I wander in search of happiness

In blackboards and books I never found any

I search for the days

When the blue sky could still be seen

Beneath our feet the grass could be felt

And the air was still pure and clean

And those days when the sunshine

Blinded us with a new story

But now we are blind to the sky and the sun

As they stand robbed of all their glory

How we ran through those mysterious roads

And discovered many a hidden lands

On our two wheeled ships we set off to find

Treasures made of stones, bricks and sand

And sometimes when I lost my way

And fear took over my peace and calm

Oh! What a joy it was to find the path

That I knew led to my mother’s arms

“Never shall I leave my house” I swore

Until a new adventure came knocking

And again I set sail with my fellow explorers

Leaving behind all the cluttering and honking

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