Published Works

Sourish’s Bullet roars through the highway from Udupi to Mangalore, scrumptiously devouring the blue dots on the map that shows another fifteen minutes. When he began his journey he felt like an intruder, trespassing a boundary he had created for himself. That feeling was now replaced with another one…read more

After a frustrating quest across the neighbourhood, Lalu finally reached the rendezvous spot where he and his fellow cats feasted. To his utter dismay, he realized someone had already commenced the search that was his to make. Since morning…read more


Much to the inconvenience of billions who leaned on him for support, God had decided to take the day off. When his two secretaries huffed and puffed their way to his bedroom, they found him snoring without a care for the world. After desperate knocks…read more

Madhu and the children had been insisting on a family outing for a long time. So last week, we finally decided to watch a movie at New Empire. We would later shop at New Market and then gorge on spicy street food from the nearby food stalls. The children also insisted…read more

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