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A death on the tracks, during rush hour

That morning the world dragged its heavy frame over the mundane tracks and paused more frequently than usual. The ticket counters had long winding


On death: or life?

Death fascinates me. No matter what we do, we will eventually die. It levels the playing field. It removes boundaries – political, religious,

flash fiction

A Sign of Life!

Here I am, playing football with Baba. Is Maa there? No. We are in the park. No. It’s a field. No. It’s my school’s annual sports meet. Where


There is no justice

It takes a second of moral judgement to disintegrate that which has been done for selfish needs. A sense of consciousness is all one requires to



And then one day you will wake up and find that all your friends are gone. You will realize that the life you have woken up to is not the life you


Life – a suicide note? II

Dear …, I called you but you didn’t pick up the phone. I called you again but you said you were busy. When I called you a third time we spoke