Posted by Shouvik Banerjee

And then one day you will wake up and find that all your friends are gone. You will realize that the life you have woken up to is not the life you had when you went to sleep. You went to sleep dreaming and you woke up in a nightmare. This nightmare is called adulthood. It will seduce you with fake promises and then cheat you of your peace. A day will come when you will search exasperatedly for your happiness but you will find none. It does not exist. It did once upon a time but you were busy living it, too naïve to realize that what you had was the most precious thing in the world. What happened? Where did it all go? Why did it have to be like this? No one has answers to these question, not even the wisest person. Sometimes at night when you go to bed with a head full of worry and a heart filled with depression, a long forgotten face will peak out from the far corners of your unconscious mind and call your name. It will say, “how are you my friend? How is your life? Do you want to come and play the way we used to?”. And that is the moment you will pour out all your feelings and cry; cry like you have never cried before because when you wake up you will realize that it was just a dream.

Fifty years from now when you are sitting on an empty platform, when everyone has left and when the last train has pulled out from the station, you will still be the same person as you are now, drenched in the rain of memories and yearning for the warmth of your childhood. But you have to move on, carry on with whatever you have because that is life’s truth and you have to accept it whether you like it or not. Your friends will leave you, your family will disappear, and your life will slowly fade away but it’s very, very important that you carry on with whatever you are doing. Life is one big question and the answer to it is death. But before the question can be answered you have to search for the answer. The search is very important. When the last chapter is done, you will realize with tears in your eyes and a smile on your face, how beautifully the book has been written. You will dream those childish dreams once again and live those sweet and beautiful moments of your life for one last time. And then you will get the thing that you were frantically searching for all your life-happiness.

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