There is no justice

Posted by Shouvik Banerjee

It takes a second of moral judgement to disintegrate that which has been done for selfish needs. A sense of consciousness is all one requires to separate good from evil, wrong from right. But like every other subconscious object in this world, moral judgement and consciousness are fluid, never staying in one place, shifting and tuning to the butterfly effects of the universe. Judging a man’s deeds solely from action is morally incorrect as it leaves out space for the ‘if’s’ and ‘buts’. However, individuals make society and that which is socially acceptable becomes the moral high ground. If barbaric and inhuman torture is the ruling of the society then it must be delivered to morally corrupt criminals. The mass is always right. And why shouldn’t it? There is strength in unity and only the strong prevails. Justice therefore does not exist. What exists is the shadow of a reality. There is no justice system in a jungle and neither do they need one. Animals are governed by natural laws and that which they feel is necessary for survival.

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