we were lovers
lost in the maze of crumpled bedsheets, new wine, and old books;
discovering each other’s body
like two mice in an infinite maze.
I remember we ran
as if the wind was at our heels;
dodging the corpses scattered on the streets
like addicts after a rave party.
we laughed
like teenagers tripping on acid;
up we went like two balloons
until our heads poked the clouds.
we cried, or one of us did,
as if the world had abandoned us.
And all that was left 
was a murdering silence.
the world collapsed
on our feeble chests;
we quietly died 
underneath the weight of duty.
we were children;
we played little games and acted big;
unaware of our innocence
until they got tainted and maimed.
we were dreamers;
on ordinary skies we built ornate palaces
and in empty pockets 
we filled simple memories.

when we were lovers
life felt like life and nothing else.

2 thoughts on “Once

  1. This is truly beautiful!! Young love and its intoxications . Once… yes many of us may have gone through this and now that we look back and ponder on it…. yes … Once … this was what life was Once.

    Liked by 1 person

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