Interview with STEM

As Paulo Coelho puts in The Alchemist, Maktub, so it was meant to be in my life too

Last week, Shouvik Banerjee got interviewed for this years July issue of STEM magazine, UVO Corps digital magazine that deals with topics from scientific discoveries to charity. UVO Corp. is a leader in academic writing and have writers from all over the world. In his interview Mr. Banerjee spoke about what inspired him to write the book and how he came to write it. Here’s an excerpt:

“It hit me really hard when I failed to qualify as a scriptwriter with a major media company. And as I was contemplating my future plans, I saw a vision, that of a boy climbing a hill to reach a castle where he could get his wish granted by the wizard who lived there. Suddenly, I became restless and realized that I had to write it down. As I kept writing, a story formed, and within a week I had written 10,000 words. That was the first draft of what was going to be my debut book. I kept writing at a feverish speed and at the end of nine months, I gave birth to a beautiful manuscript”

Seven Sundays is a self-help book that has two parts – the main story where our MC is dealing with failures in his life, and the other is a fable where a little boy climbs a hill to meet the wizard living in the castle. It is a book about our journey through failures and why we need to face them in order to realize our dreams.

This book is a result of all his collective failures in life and lessons they have taught him. He has been in the sales department, research division, digital sector, a call center, a PhD program, and several other professions and he has failed at every single one of them.

The most important thing according to him is “to live and die for your dreams” which is something he says throughout the book as well.

“the book takes us on a journey filled with struggle and hope and gives us an insight into the nature of failure and why we need to identify and embrace it”

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